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Taigh-tasgaidh Inbhir Pheofharain

Do you want to build a Dingwall book collection?

DMT booklets are for sale in the Museum, but the others are sometimes harder to find!

DMT1 -  Kenneth R Clew: The Dingwall Canal

DMT2 - Marjory Harper: Thomas Simpson, Dingwall’s Arctic Explorer

DMT3 - Jack Sinclair: Dingwall Memories

DMT4 - Portrait of a Soldier; Sgt John Meikle VC MM

DMT5 - The Ranker; Major General Sir Hector Macdonald

DMT6 - Jack Sinclair: Old Bailechaul

DMT7 - Kenneth I E Macleod: A Victim of Fate

The First (Old) Statistical Account of Scotland: vol III (1792)

The Second (New) Statistical Account of Scotland: Ross & Cromarty Vol 14 (1845)

Alexander Simpson: The Life and Travels of Thomas Simpson, the Arctic Discoverer (1845, reprints include Canadian Heritage series 1963)

Origines Parochiales Scotiæ Vol2 (1846)

The Trial of the Royal British Bank Directors (n.d. c1860. POD reprints available)

Fearchair-a-Ghunna, the Ross-shire Wanderer (1881, 3rd ed 1908, reprinted 1995)

Alex. MacArthur: A Prairie Tragedy: the Fate of Thomas Simpson the Arctic Explorer (1887, POD reprints available)

Francis Nevile Reid: The Earls of Ross and their Descendants (1894)

William Mackay ed: Records of the Presbyteries of Inverness and Dingwall 1643-1688 (1896)

M Macaskill: Pen & Ink Sketches (1897)

Robert Bain: History of Ross (1899)

Thomas F G Coates: Hector Macdonald, the Private who Became a General (1900)

James M Swank ed: More Busy Days; Dr Andrew Carnegie at Dingwall ... in 1903 (1903)

Major Harmon Pumpelly Read: Rossiana [descendants of the Earls of Ross in Scotland] (1908)

W J Watson: Place Names of Ross and Cromarty (1904, reprinted 1976, 1996)

Hugh Urquhart: The Bains of Dochcarty (1914)

Ian MacDonald: Smuggling in the Highlands (1914)

Ross-shire Roll of Honour (1915, reprinted 2014)

Norman MacRae: Romance of a Royal Burgh; Dingwall's Thousand Years (1923, reprinted 1974)

Rev John Kennedy: The Days of the Fathers in Ross-shire (1927)

Hew Scott: Fasti Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ Vol VII (1928)

Hay Shennan: A Judicial Maid-of-all-Work (1933)

Colin MacDonald: Croft and Ceilidh (or) Corra-chagailte (1947)

A J Lawrence: The Clan Bain with its Ancestral and Related Scottish Clans (1963, reprinted 2018)

Innes Macrae: Dingwall Free Church, the Story of a Hundred Years and More (1970)

David MacDonald: St Clements Looks Back (1976)

Ailean Friseal: Eachan nan Cath (1979)

Ian R M Mowat: Easter Ross 1750-1850, the Double Frontier (1981)

F R Hart and J B Pick: Neil M Gunn, a Highland Life (1981)

Anne Turner Simpson and Sylvia Stevenson: Historic Dingwall, the archaeological implications of development (1982)

Trevor Royle: Death Before Dishonour; the True Story of Fighting Mac (1982)

Donald Omand: The Ross and Cromarty Book (1984)

The Third Statistical Account of Scotland: County of Ross &Cromarty (1987)

D D MacDonald: Dingwall Academy (n.d., c1989)

Michael Gregson and Kay Deas: The Crack and the Cant (1990)

Marinell Ash: This Noble Harbour, a History of the Cromarty Firth (1991)

Christopher J Uncles: Easter Ross and the Black Isle (1998)

Christopher J Uncles: Old Ways through Wester Ross (1999, revised 2011)

David Alston: Ross and Cromarty, a Historical Guide (1999) 

The Clan Davidson Association: The Davidsons; the Clan, its History and its People (n.d., c 2001)

Jonathan McColl and Sandy Gillies: Monumental Inscriptions St Clement’s Churchyard Dingwall (HFHS 2nd ed 2002)

Trevor Royle: Fighting Mac, the Downfall of Major-General Sir Hector MacDonald (2003; 2nd ed of Death Before Dishonour)

James Raffan: Emperor of the North Sir George Simpson and the Remarkable Story of the Hudson’s Bay Company (2007)

S J Fraser ed: Robert (Bob) Gunn Fraser, Livestock Auctioneer and Manager 1921 1954 (privately published 2008)

John Peach: The Biggest Ever Gold-mining Swindle in the Colonies (2008)

Dr Oliver J T O’Grady: St Clement’s Aisle, Dingwall Parish Church – Report on Geophysical Survey Electrical Resistance (Oct 2011)

Kim Polley: The Chisholms, from Urray to Murray Street and Beyond (2011)

Dr Oliver J T O’Grady: Cromartie Memorial Car Park Dingwall Archaeological Excavation (2012)

Olwyn Owen ed: Things in the Viking World (2012)

Timothy Wilks: A Life of Richard, 1st Lord Dingwall and Earl of Desmond (c1570-1628) (2012)

Malcolm Bangor-Jones: The Making of the Railway from Inverness to Dingwall (2012)

D D MacDonald: Investigating Dingwall as Þingvöllr (2013)

Graham Clark: John Adam, the Mulbuie Murderer (2013)

David Kyle Cochrane-Yu: A Keystone of Contention: The Earldom of Ross 1215-1517 (PhD thesis 2016)

Peter Tatlow: The Dingwall & Skye Railway (2016)

Terry J Williams: Walking with Cattle, in search of the Last Drovers of Uist (2017)

Ewan McVicar: Dingwall on the Waters (2017)

John H Ballantyne: A Ross-shire Man - Alexander Mackenzie of Millbank (2021)

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