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Taigh-tasgaidh Inbhir Pheofharain

Do you want to build a Dingwall book collection?

DMT booklets are for sale in the Museum, but the others are sometimes harder to find!

DMT1 -  Kenneth R Clew: The Dingwall Canal

DMT2 - Marjory Harper: Thomas Simpson, Dingwall’s Arctic Explorer

DMT3 - Jack Sinclair: Dingwall Memories

DMT4 - Portrait of a Soldier; Sgt John Meikle VC MM

DMT5 - The Ranker; Major General Sir Hector Macdonald

DMT6 - Jack Sinclair: Old Bailechaul

DMT7 - Kenneth I E Macleod: A Victim of Fate

The First (Old) Statistical Account of Scotland: vol III (1792)

The Second (New) Statistical Account of Scotland: Ross & Cromarty Vol 14 (1845)

Alexander Simpson: The Life and Travels of Thomas Simpson, the Arctic Discoverer (1845, reprints include Canadian Heritage series 1963)

Origines Parochiales Scotiæ Vol2 (1846)

R M Ballantyne: Ungava, a Tale of Esquimau Land (1858, often reprinted)

The Trial of the Royal British Bank Directors (n.d. c1860. POD reprints available)

Fearchair-a-Ghunna, the Ross-shire Wanderer (1881, 3rd ed 1908, reprinted 1995)

Alex. MacArthur: A Prairie Tragedy: the Fate of Thomas Simpson the Arctic Explorer (1887, POD reprints available)

Alfred Barnard: The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom (1887, reprinted several times)

Francis Nevile Reid: The Earls of Ross and their Descendants (1894)

William Mackay ed: Records of the Presbyteries of Inverness and Dingwall 1643-1688 (1896)

M Macaskill: Pen & Ink Sketches (1897)

Robert Bain: History of Ross (1899)

Thomas F G Coates: Hector Macdonald, the Private who Became a General (1900)

James M Swank ed: More Busy Days; Dr Andrew Carnegie at Dingwall ... in 1903 (1903)

Major Harmon Pumpelly Read: Rossiana [descendants of the Earls of Ross in Scotland] (1908)

W J Watson: Place Names of Ross and Cromarty (1904, reprinted 1976, 1996)

Hugh Urquhart: The Bains of Dochcarty (1914)

Ian MacDonald: Smuggling in the Highlands (1914)

Alex. MacBain: Place Names of the Highlands & Islands of Scotland (1922)

Ross-shire Roll of Honour (1915, reprinted 2014)

Norman MacRae: Romance of a Royal Burgh; Dingwall's Thousand Years (1923, reprinted 1974)

Rev John Kennedy: The Days of the Fathers in Ross-shire (1927)

Hew Scott: Fasti Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ Vol VII (1928)

Hay Shennan: A Judicial Maid-of-all-Work (1933)

Colin MacDonald: Croft and Ceilidh (or) Corra-chagailte (1947)

Colonel John Sym: Seaforth Highlanders (1962)

A J Lawrence: The Clan Bain with its Ancestral and Related Scottish Clans (1963, reprinted 2018)

Innes Macrae: Dingwall Free Church, the Story of a Hundred Years and More (1970)

David MacDonald: St Clements Looks Back (1976)

Ailean Friseal: Eachan nan Cath (1979)

Ian R M Mowat: Easter Ross 1750-1850, the Double Frontier (1981)

F R Hart and J B Pick: Neil M Gunn, a Highland Life (1981)

Anne Turner Simpson and Sylvia Stevenson: Historic Dingwall, the archaeological implications of development (1982)

Trevor Royle: Death Before Dishonour; the True Story of Fighting Mac (1982)

Donald Omand: The Ross and Cromarty Book (1984)

The Third Statistical Account of Scotland: County of Ross &Cromarty (1987)

D D MacDonald: Dingwall Academy (n.d., c1989)

Michael Gregson and Kay Deas: The Crack and the Cant (1990)

Marinell Ash: This Noble Harbour, a History of the Cromarty Firth (1991)

The Piper's Day; Regimental Duty Tunes of the Queen's Own Highlanders (1991)

Christopher J Uncles: Easter Ross and the Black Isle (1998)

Christopher J Uncles: Old Ways through Wester Ross (1999, revised 2011)

David Alston: Ross and Cromarty, a Historical Guide (1999) 

The Clan Davidson Association: The Davidsons; the Clan, its History and its People (n.d., c 2001)

Jonathan McColl and Sandy Gillies: Monumental Inscriptions St Clement’s Churchyard Dingwall (HFHS 2nd ed 2002)

Trevor Royle: Fighting Mac, the Downfall of Major-General Sir Hector MacDonald (2003; 2nd ed of Death Before Dishonour)

James Raffan: Emperor of the North Sir George Simpson and the Remarkable Story of the Hudson’s Bay Company (2007)

S J Fraser ed: Robert (Bob) Gunn Fraser, Livestock Auctioneer and Manager 1921 1954 (privately published 2008)

John Peach: The Biggest Ever Gold-mining Swindle in the Colonies (2008)

Dr Oliver J T O’Grady: St Clement’s Aisle, Dingwall Parish Church – Report on Geophysical Survey Electrical Resistance (Oct 2011)

Kim Polley: The Chisholms, from Urray to Murray Street and Beyond (2011)

Dr Oliver J T O’Grady: Cromartie Memorial Car Park Dingwall Archaeological Excavation (2012)

Olwyn Owen ed: Things in the Viking World (2012)

Timothy Wilks: A Life of Richard, 1st Lord Dingwall and Earl of Desmond (c1570-1628) (2012)

Malcolm Bangor-Jones: The Making of the Railway from Inverness to Dingwall (2012)

D D MacDonald: Investigating Dingwall as Þingvöllr (2013)

Graham Clark: John Adam, the Mulbuie Murderer (2013)

David Kyle Cochrane-Yu: A Keystone of Contention: The Earldom of Ross 1215-1517 (PhD thesis 2016)

Peter Tatlow: The Dingwall & Skye Railway (2016)

Terry J Williams: Walking with Cattle, in search of the Last Drovers of Uist (2017)

Ewan McVicar: Dingwall on the Waters (2017)

John H Ballantyne: A Ross-shire Man - Alexander Mackenzie of Millbank (2021)

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