Dingwall Museum

Taigh-tasgaidh Inbhir Pheofharain


Dingwall Museum

Front Windows

Left window: Conan cross-slab, a Pictish stone from the first millennium

Right window: Mercat Cross, that marked the cross-roads for the periodic town markets perhaps from the 13th Century

What is this object?

That Cabarfèidh is a clue. The old Robert's Bridge had a Munro plaque on one side and a Mackenzie one on the other.

Mill Street Smiddy

When the Gordons' smiddy finally closed after a century on Mill Street, some of its tools were presented to us

Military Room

Much on display about our local regiment the 4th Seaforth Highlanders and its predecessor bodies. Also an important display of materials relating to Major General Sir Hector MacDonald.

Burgh Council Chamber

This is where the Dingwall Burgh Council used to meet before the Local Government re-organisation of 1975 consigned it to history.

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